Self-care isn’t just whether you made it to the gym. So much of our lives vacillate between overstimulation and mindless tinkering. Do we even know how to take care of ourselves if it doesn’t involve an app?


Let’s team up and begin checking in with what you really enjoy. What are you passionate about? What helps you feel energized and excited about life? Who makes you laugh the most? These are the things that fall away when we feel most vulnerable and upset, yet these are also the things that help us heal and sustain us on our journey to lasting well-being.


In 2021, my passion for working with new parents culminated in the publication of my first book Self-Care for New Moms: Thriving Through Your Postpartum YearWritten from clinical and personal experience and stacked with expert advice from mothers working in the varied fields from sleep research, postpartum sex, to lactation and exercise. Smashing the status quo advice of 'getting your pre-baby body back' this book offers the real info parents need for keeping their sanity with a new baby on their lap.