Do you...

  • frequently overindulge?
  • eat to the point of feeling stuffed or uncomfortably full?
  • eat without tasting food?
  • obsessively count calories?
  • feel out of control around food?
  • only allow yourself certain foods if you've worked out?
  • frequently eat alone because you fear your eating will be judged?
  • eat to cope with your emotions?
  • feel so overstuffed that the only way to deal is to purge?
  • become anxious around the prospect of making food choices?
  • feel trapped when in a room when food is displayed?
  • restrict food so often that you are unable to eat certain foods even when you might want to? 
  • hate your body?

Many people struggle with eating disorders, but even more struggle with disordered eating. While some people may clearly meet the criteria for an eating disorder, others may not -- but this does not mean they feel calm around food. Whether or not you meet the standards for an eating disorder, we can work together to understand the origins, triggers and challenges particular to your difficulties with food.


I provide an integrated, mind-body approach to this focus, with implementation of practical skills to manage even the most difficult situations around eating. Yoga and mindfulness are just a couple of the strategies I use in addition to more traditional psychotherapy practices. The goal of this work is for you to feel in touch with both your physical and emotional side, without feeling that you are depriving either aspect of your life.


Still unsure if you have an Eating Disorder? Take this informative assessment to find out more.