In a world rife with distraction and competition, most of us are out of step with our own needs and drives. We wish people could read our minds and just know what we need (often because we don’t exactly know for

ourselves). The techniques I employ in treatment are informed by our environment.


Mindfulness, yoga, intuitive eating, as well as acceptance and commitment therapy each inform my practice of listening and responding. With nearly fifteen years of experience in the field, I also regularly pull on

the foundational orientations wherein I was trained – cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy.


I received my masters degree in Counseling Psychology through completion of the Lesley University’s 60 credit clinical mental health program and certified by the Board of Allied Mental Health and Human Services Professions as a practicing Licensed Mental Health Counselor, number 6760 . I'm also excited to announce this exciting new collaboration that I am working on! We just finished our book on mindful eating skills just for busy moms and stay tuned for the new podcast! Please check us out at www.mindfuleatingmoms.com!